Your Application Has Been Sent!

We will soon contact you to set up a date for an online interview.

The admission decision is made in writing within 30 days from the verification of the conditions for admission. As soon as the admission decision is made, we will provide you with the acceptance letter / letter of admission and the study agreement.

Depending on your nationality you may need to apply for a visa or residence permit to enter the Czech Republic at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in your country of origin. You should start your visa application process as soon as you have received the official letter of admission, especially if you are a non-EU citizen, as the whole procedure requires some paperwork and can take up to 60 days. You can find detailed information on this process here.

As soon as you come to the Czech Republic, you will have to have your previous completed study recognized by the Czech recognition authority. The process of recognition of secondary/ higher (not university) education is called „nostrifikace“ – „nostrification“. The period given by law for processing the request for nostrification is 30 days. In difficult and complex cases, the period can be extended to 60 days. If an examination is required by the Czech recognition authority, the process can take up to 3 or 4 months.

Don't worry, we are here to help you out with nostrification and visa process. Just call us or email us.