Contract research

AMBIS University has a priority interest in the long-term development of contract research. Contract research is research carried out for external sponsors under the conditions set by them and for a proportionate remuneration to the School (according to Article 3.2.1 of the Community Framework for State Aid for Research, Development and Innovation 2006/C 323/01). Contract research usually results in a summary research report, the data of which the School records in the RIV.

AMBIS University carries out contract research projects for a number of sponsors from both the private and public spheres. At present, our school carries out contract research projects for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Regional Office of the South Moravian Region, Trivi, a.s. or Saunia, s.r.o.

Contract research offer

AMBIS Vysoká škola, a.s. offers a wide range of topics for contract research in the fields of law, security, economics, management and regional development.

Thematic areas in the field of law and security
The Department of Security and Law conducts contract research on a range of security-related topics. We create systems that are practically applied.

  1. Communication in times of crisis - focused on institutions
  2. The use of IT technologies focused on security in the field
  3. Transport infrastructure risks of a municipality with high passenger movements
  4. Risk areas, occurrence of defective persons and their prevention
  5. Ensuring public protection - research for private security forces
  6. Improving traffic safety in the municipality
  7. Equipment to increase the cyber security of the institution
  8. Assessment of the state of cybersecurity, proposal of measures to improve the state
  9. Analysis and proposal of measures to improve security in the territory of the selected city
  10. Analysis of security technology
  11. Analysis for the provision of security services in the territory of the selected city
  12. Proposal for the deployment of a camera system to ensure security in the selected municipality
  13. Pedestrian safety solutions, risks and recommendations in the selected municipality
  14. Protection of soft targets at mass events
  15. Analysis of crisis preparedness for emergencies
  16. Analysis of security measures at sporting events
  17. Analysis of the preparedness of the IZS to deal with a mass casualty event
  18. Application of artificial intelligence to the activities of the Czech Police
  19. Prevention of crime, establishment of municipal police in a selected municipality
  20. Analysis of remuneration and motivation of employees in a selected institution

Thematic areas in the field of economics, management and regional development

  1. Analysis of multiplier effects
  2. Analysis of motivation and incentive systems
  3. Real estate market analysis; price mapping
  4. Labour market analysis; Talent management; Competence audit, employee competency assessment
  5. Datamining, GIS
  6. Demographic analysis
  7. Financial and non-financial analysis of the company
  8. Financial and strategic management of NGOs
  9. Inclusion in education
  10. Knowledge management
  11. Corruption, rent seeking, codes of ethics
  12. Quality and efficiency of public administration; Modern concepts of public administration management
  13. Macroeconomic analysis
  14. Marketing research
  15. Mass media, analysis of advertising and internet messages
  16. Monetary policy
  17. Asset valuation
  18. Outsourcing and contracting of public services
  19. Project management
  20. Risk management
  21. Quality management
  22. Human Resource Management
  23. Sociological research
  24. Strategic Management

Contact details for the Science and Research Department: Bc. Olga Puldova,