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OP-R-64e_Schedule of academic year 2023/2024 (for study programmes accredited in the english language)

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Rector´s Directive No. 1/2022 - Final thesis in the Bachelor's degree programme of Business Economics and Management

Methodological instruction for the preparation of the final thesis

Rector´s Directive No. 4/2019 - Evaluation of students - classification of study obligations

Rector´s Directive No. 5/2019 - The procedure for expressing credit evaluation of the study workloads of subjects in hourly intensity

Rector´s Directive No. 7/2019 - Erasmus

Rector´s Directive No. 8/2019 - Professional experience

Rector´s Directive No. 9/2019 - The Individual Schedule of Studies

Rector´s Directive No. 10/2019 - Arrangement Against Sexual Harassment

Rector´s Directive No. 11/2019 - Quality evaluation methodology of bachelor and master theses

Rector´s Directive No. 12/2022 - Prevention of plagiarism and content similarity

Rector´s Measure No. 62/2023 – Prohibition of the use of electronic devices during exam sessions

Measure of the Vice-Rector for Educational Activities 10/2023 – Final State Examination at AMBIS University