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Basic internal regulations and data

Statute AMBIS

Study and Examination Regulations of AMBIS registered by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports on 28 August 2023

Study and Examination Regulations of AMBIS registered by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports on 31 August 2017_Only partially valid, in accordance with the transitional provisions of the current version of the Study and Examination Regulations

Student Disciplinary Code

Regulation of the Internal Evaluation Board

Rules of the quality assurance system

CVP - P - 09_Investigation of complaints concerning sexualized violence or sexual harassment

CVP - P - 11 Protection of Whistleblowers

Rector´s Directive

VP - R - 01_Final thesis in the Bachelor's degree programme of Business Economics and Management

Methodological instruction for the preparation of the final thesis

VP - R - 02_Accreditation of study programmes

VP - R - 04_Evaluation of students - classification of study obligations

VP - R - 05_The procedure for expressing credit evaluation of the study workloads of subjects in hourly intensity

VP - R - 08_⁠Internship

VP - R - 10_Arrangement Against Sexual Harassment

VP - R - 11_Quality evaluation methodology of bachelor and master theses

VP - R - 12_Prevention of plagiarism and content similarity

VP - R - 13_Statute and Rules of Procedure of the Council for Collaboration with Internship

VP - R- 14_⁠⁠⁠⁠ Library and Lending Rules

VP - R - 15_Statutes and Procedural Rules of the Ethics Committee for Research

Rector´s Measure

OP - R - 14 Recognition of Subjects from Previous Studies

OP - R- 62_Prohibition of the use of electronic devices during exam sessions

OP - R - 63e_Tariff of fees conected with studies in the winter semester 2023/2024

OP - R - 64e_Schedule of academic year 2023/2024 (for study programmes accredited in the english language)

OP - R - 67e_Tariff of fees conected with studies in the summer semester 2023/2024

      OP - R - 68_Admissions Requirements for the Academic Year 2024/2025


Rector´s Announcement

OZ - R - 13_Utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools in the Qualification Thesis Creation Process

Vice-Rector´s Measure

OP - PR - 10_Final State Examination at AMBIS University

Non-Public documents


CVP - P - 01_Organizational Regulations