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Study Bc. Business Economics and Management

3900 EUR / Year
Length of Study
3 Years
Bachelor / Bc.

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Real-world education in Prague

The capital city is considered as one of the top destinations for international students because of its affordability, high-quality universities and rich social life.

Over the last few years, Prague has grown into one of the Europe’s top business hubs. As one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, the Czech Republic is attracting some of the world’s leading companies.

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We care about our student's opinions

"One advantage of studying at a private school is the personal approach and small group size. This might sound like a cliché, but it's true. We have really close relationships to our professors: they treat us like equals and are available for conversations, even outside of regular business hours."

- Petr, Student
"Our teachers are all highly skilled. Many of them run their own business and have years of practical experience to teach from. They encourage us to look behind the obvious and do our own things, helping to become entrepreneurs rather than employees."

- Ludvík, Student
"At Ambis, I value the practical experience of our professors the most. During their lectures, they can draw on personal experience in the field of business, which is very inspiring for me."

- Markéta, Student