Proof of the Previous Education – Recognition of Foreign Education

In the case you received your previous education in the Czech Republic, you can submit a certified copy of your school-leaving diploma („maturitní vysvědčení“).

Any student, who received previous education abroad must undergo a process of recognition of foreign education, called "Nostrifikace" in Czech.

Recognition of Foreign Education means recognition of previously completed level of study, that was bot obtained in the Czech Republic. This must be recognized by the Czech recognition authority and this process requires your personal presence in the Czech Republic. Recognition of Foreign Education is a necessary prerequisite for your further study in the bachelor study programme.

How to get the Recognition of Foreign Education

1.                  Complete the application form

Application form in English is available at:

The following documents are needed for the Recognition of Foreign Education application:

  • Original of a school-leaving certificate proving qualifications obtained abroad, eventually a certified copy (submitting legally certified copies is recommended).
  • Documents proving the content and scope of education completed in a foreign school. The documents have to be in the form of an original letter on secondary school letterhead paper, with the signature of a responsible person and school stamp.
  • Certified translations of both documents into Czech. The translations have to be done by a translator registered in the List of Court Translators in the Czech Republic or by a translator from abroad recommended by a relevant representative body of the Czech Republic in that country.
  • A document proving that the school concerned is recognised by the country according to whose legal framework the foreign school report was issued as a part of the education system if this is not clearly indicated by the foreign school-leaving certificate
  • A proof of payment for administrative fee of 1000,- CZK
  • The address in the Czech Republic (f.e. copy of the passport, rent treat…)

2.       Submit the application to the recognition authority – in Prague: Division of Education, Youth and Sport of Prague City Hall, Jungmannova 29/35, Prague 1, 110 00

3.       Wait for the decision

If you pass the process sucessfully, you will get a Recognition of Foreign Education Certificate.

In the case your previous education is considered to be of (partially) different scope or content, you will be invited to undergo a Recognition of Foreign Education exam. The Recognition of Foreign Education examination will compensate the difference in the subjects or number of hours.

Recognition of Foreign Education exam takes place at a secondary school in the Czech Republic. In that case, you will be – in advance - provided by the list of questions and its content.

Please note that the period given by law for processing the request for Recognition of Foreign Education is 30 days. In difficult and complex cases, the period can be extended to 60 days. If an examination is required by the Czech recognition authority, the process can take up to 3 or 4 months.

For detailed information on the process of Recognition of Foreign Education Certificate, you can visit the website of Multikulturní centrum v Praze.


With several countries, namely with Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, international agreements on the mutual recognition of the equivalence of documents proving education, have been negotiated. Holders of these documents can use them without limitation throughout the territory of the Czech Republic without the need to submit a certificate of recognition of foreign education issued by a recognition authority in the Czech Republic.

However, it is recommended that the holders submit official copies of documents proving their education together with their official translations into Czech. If the holder of a foreign document considers it appropriate or necessary, he/she may ask the relevant recognition authority to recognize their foreign education.

If the aforementioned equivalence agreements do not apply to a particular document proving education (the document or qualification obtained is not mentioned in the agreement or the document was issued by an institution that is not part of the educational system of a state that is a party to the given international agreement, or which is not recognized by that state), the procedure is the same as in cases where there is no equivalence agreement.