Best Publication Competition

The School's management encourages creative research and publication activities of academic staff through awards for the best achievements during the year. The Rector of the School periodically announces the Competition for the best publication achievement in the School.

Academics can participate in the competition in two categories. In the category "publication achievement" they can submit their article published in a journal from the WoS or Scopus database, published in 2021 and listed in the RIV for Ambis HEI. The second category refers to any output according to Methodology 17+ that has been listed in the RIV database for Ambis HEI for the previous three years and is used in teaching.

Announcement of the competition for 2022:

Rector's announcement

Results of the competition in the academic year 2021/2022

The winner of the "Publication achievement" category for the year 2021 is Assoc. Ing. Markéta Šumpíková, Ph.D. with the article PLAČEK, M., V. VALENTINOV, V., C. del CAMPO, G. VACEKOVÁ, F. OCHRANA and M. ŠUMPÍKOVÁ. 2021. Stewardship and administrative capacity in green public procurement in the Czech Republic: evidence from a large-N survey. Environ Sci Eur 33, 94. 2021.

In the category "Usability of results in teaching" the first place went to doc. Ing. Karel Kubečka, Ph.D. with the monograph KUBEČKA, Karel. Application of risk analysis methods in forensic sciences: application of risk analysis methods in real estate valuation and damage and defect assessment.

Congratulations to all winners!